woensdag 20 mei 2009

Sociaal-Liberale Partij (SLP) - A clear winner

Als een onbevangen "buitenlander" het schrijft op internet. SLP is a clear winner.

"Typographically speaking the winners of these elections are SLP, the left liberal party that changed its name on the first day of the year from the frankly unpronounceable and ill-conceived Vl.Pro. With a nice combination of two hues of violet and tasteful black and white typography, their posters are stylish and emanate a relaxed class. The typography is the star here. The squarish letters making up their logo may look slightly awkward, but Klavika strikes just the right tone. The overall feel is solid and subdued, yet the letter shapes are undeniably modern and reveal dynamic details, plus the design is surprisingly warm and human for a straight-sided tech sans. A clear winner."
(door FontShop - Unzipped in "The typography of politics" 11.05.2009)

The typography of politics (FontShop -Unzipped - 11.05.2009)


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Yves Peters a.k.a. Unzipper zei

Kleine correctie, ik ben helemaal geen onbevangen "buitenlander". Gelieve eerst te controleren vooraleer je zulke dingen beweert. ;)